Logistics Cluster Somalia famine response situation report - 29 December 2011

Situation Report
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    Ports Situation
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Ports Situation

  • Mogadishu Port - Mogadishu is operating at, or near capacity; two vessels and several dhows are at berth loading and discharging, two vessels are waiting to berth, and berthing time is currently averaging one day. It is expected that more dhows will keep calling the port as northeast monsoon winds become weaker, allowing easier sailing.

  • Bossaso Port - The port is currently congested. There are two vessels at berth discharging commercial cargo. Berthing prospects are based on ‘first in, first out’ (FIFO) basis.

  • Berbera Port - Berbera port is reportedly very busy and congested. There are four vessels, (both humanitarian and commercial) and three dhows with general cargo under discharge/ loading. Waiting time is averaging four days at present.

  • Mombasa Port - Mombasa remains extremely congested. Despite normal port operations re-commencing after the holiday break, long berthing times are still being experienced. The grain bulk silo presently has two vessels waiting, and securing a berth there takes between 14-19 days. The conventional and container berths have seven and 9 vessels waiting and berthing takes 4 and 10 days respectively. Additionally, trucking (shunting) capacity and stevedoring availability continues to remain a serious challenge to port users. This situation is not expected to improve in the coming weeks. Heavy rains this week have also affected port operations.

  • Dar Es Salaam Port - Normal port operations have resumed after the holiday break and there is no congestion at present.

  • Djibouti Port - The bulk terminal is still congested. There are three bulk vessels at berth discharging. Additionally, there are three other bulk carriers at anchorage waiting to berth. The bulk terminal is expected to remain busy and congested until end-January. Large amounts of bulk cereals, fertilizers and cement are expected at the port during this time.