Logistics Cluster Somalia famine response situation report - 26 January 2012

Situation Report
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Ports Situation

  • Djibouti Port - The bulk terminal is presently congested with 3 bulk cargo vessels at anchorage. 4 bulk cargo vessels are at berth, with one taking over a conventional berth. An additional 8 bulk cargo vessels are expected to arrive at the port between now and early February. The container terminal is not congested. Increased rates at Djibouti Port’s new terminal are reportedly impacting shipping operations there.

  • Dar Es Salaam Port - Still experiencing congestion at the container terminal. This is due to the increased number of vessels calling the port, and low capacity of shunting and port equipment. Waiting time ranges from 10 to 18 days. This situation will hold until end-January. The bulk terminal is not congested.

  • Mombasa Port - The container terminal is still experiencing congestion. Presently there are nine vessels waiting at the container terminal, two at the bulk terminal, and one at the conventional terminal. The estimated waiting times for the next 2 weeks are: Bulk Silo Berths 10 to 14 days, container terminal 6 to 12 days, conventional berth 1 day. The port’s labour and operations situation has experienced no improvements. The shortage of labour remains a challenge, following labour-related disputes with the port authorities. To date, no private gangs are allowed at the port.

  • Mogadishu Port – Not currently congested. 3 vessels are under discharge. One vessel is at anchorage waiting to berth. Waiting time is maximum one day. Priority berthing depends on negotiations with port authorities.

  • Bossaso Port – Presently congested. 3 vessels are currently at anchorage (one humanitarian and two commercial vessels). Shunting capacity is still presenting challenges and is affecting the discharge rate of vessels. Waiting time is approximately 4-5 days.

  • Berbera Port – Presently congested. 2 vessels are at berth discharging commercial cargo. 3 other vessels are waiting to secure berths. Containerised cargo continues to receive priority berthing.