IOM CCCM Somalia Movement Trend Tracking: Baidoa, 8 - 14 December 2017


Key Messages

  • There were 498 new arrivals, the most recorded entry in the last five weeks and 38 exits, lowest recorded of exit since Mid-October at the Baidoa checkpoints this week. The key driving factors for displacement into the IDP sites as usual were insecurity and lack of food, and while those leaving cited management of their farms.
  • The increased numbers of entry and the reduced number of exits this week is attributed with insecurity and Deyrrains season coming to an end, the rains were generally late, below average and poorly distributed. This will likely reduce significantly the number of exit from Baidoa who primarily go back to manage farms.
  • Specifically, 59% of new arrivals cited lack of food and the other 41% insecurity as their reasons for displacement into Baidoa. Like last week, most came from Baidoa District (37%), Afgoye District (31%), Xudur District (7%) and Qansax Dheere District (24%). They were heading to the IDP sites of Balbale (51%), Shabeelow (25%) and Ufurow (24%).
  • All of the exits this week said that they were leaving to manage their farms. Most of those exiting were from the IDP site of Mogoriyo Manyo-2 (71%) and the remainder exiting from Kormari site (29%), all were returning to Baidoa District in Bay. The majority of the families said that they intend to return to the IDP sites in Baidoa.