IOM CCCM Somalia Movement Trend Tracking: Baidoa, 24 - 30 November 2017

Situation Report
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  • There were 398 new arrivals and 186 exits at the Baidoa checkpoints this week. The key driving factors for displacement into the IDP sites, as usual, were insecurity and lack of food, and while those leaving cited management of their farms.

  • Specifically, 60% of new arrivals cited lack of food and the other 40% insecurity as their reasons for displacement into Baidoa. Like last week, most came from Baidoa District (74%) and the rest from Qansax Dheere District (26%). They were heading to the IDP sites of Dhuur Iyo Qalan 2 (56%), Mogor Imaayoow (26%), Abag Haluul (12%), and Koban Dher (5%).

  • The 186 exits this week marked the most recorded in a single week since mid-August. In general, the number of exits have been steadily increasing since then, but current figures are still well below the levels of exits seen in July and early August.

  • All of the exits this week said that they were leaving to manage their farms. Those exiting from the IDP site of Jubada Dhexe (85%) were heading back to Sakow District in Jubaland, and the remainder exiting from Buur Cadeey site (15%) were returning to Xudur District in Bakool. The majority of the families said that they did not intend to return to the IDP sites in Baidoa.


Movement Trend Tracking (MTT) is a movement monitoring exercise that tracks people who are moving in or out of sites on a semi-permanent or permanent basis. MTT aims to gauge the pulse of movements in and out of sites in Baidoa.

MTT figures should not be considered official updates to the population figures of the sites.
Rather, the data represents the intentions of IDPs and points towards general trends in their movements.

In Baidoa, IOM enumerators are positioned at the 3 main checkpoints in and out of town (shown on the map on the right) from 6:30am until 5:30pm, 7 days a week.

From these checkpoints, the teams identify people who are moving in or out of Baidoa with luggage. Interviews are done with the individual or the head of household.

MTT aims to complement existing information management products on displacements and movements in Baidoa, by providing site level specific data on population movements on a regular basis, to assist agencies operating in sites and settlements with key information on: demographics of movement, area of origin, area of return/onward movement, reasons for movement and movement trends over time.