IOM CCCM Somalia Movement Trend Tracking: Baidoa, 24 - 30 August 2018

from International Organization for Migration
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• This week there were 158 new arrivals and only 48 exits at the Baidoa checkpoints.
Lowest recorded of exit since March of this year. This represents the fifth week in a row that the number of exits has remained below 200. In general, since mid-July all movements in and out of Baidoa IDP sites have remained relatively low compared with previous months.

• The key driving factors for displacement into the IDP sites varied as given in the breakdowns: Shortage of food (42%), seeking education opportunities (23%), joining the rest of the family (15%), seek healthcare facilities (15%) and other reasons (5%).

• The new arrivals came from the districts of Baidoa (52%), Qansx Dheere district (15%), Hudur district (15%), Rab dhuure district (13%) and Dinsoor district (5%). They said that they intended to move into the IDP sites of Goof Gaduud Burey (13%), Alle Suge-2 (11%), Alla Tuug (9%), Hagarka Mada Gari (9%), Dolow-2 (8%), Bodaan-2 (6%), Abag Haluul (5%), Bakal Gaduud (5%), Baqaley Riibo (4%), Asha Gabo-2 (4%), Hiyaado Weyn (4%), Eesow (4%), Buur Edoy (4%), Banbusul (3%), Fanoole (3%), Ufurow (3%), Alfurqan-2 (2%), Bodaan-1 (2%) and Dusti (1%)

• Almost all those leaving Baidoa reported they are going to manage their farms (83%) and 17% reported they are going to join their families in the place of origin. Those exiting were from the IDPs sites of Afmadow (50%), Arsham (33%), Banow (10%) and Moora Gabay (7%). 50% of the exits were returning to Baidoa district, (33%) Dinsoor district, (10%) Buur Hakaba district and (7%) Hudur district. All of the families said they intend to return to the IDP sites in the future.

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