International partners welcome the launch of conference towards the formation of interim central regions administration

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Mogadishu, 17 April 2015 – The United Nations, Inter-Governmental Authority on Development (IGAD), the European Union (EU), African Union Mission in Somalia, the United States, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Italy, Ethiopia, Uganda and Turkey have welcomed the launch of the Adaado conference for the formation of an interim administration in the central regions.

International partners commended the people of the central regions for concluding the reconciliation conference in Dhusamareeb and for their dedication and commitment to peace and stability in the country.

“This is another important step towards peace and state-building for the people of the central regions, as well as all Somalis. While looking forward to a successful outcome of the conference in Adaado, we urge the people of the central regions to build their new administration on the principles of reconciliation, consensus, and inclusivity," said International partners.

International partners congratulated President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud for his role in opening the conference on 16 April and encouraged all participants in the Adaado conference to put aside personal interests and differences to work together to promote peace and state-building in the region.

International partners strongly urge all parties to engage in constructive reconciliation to build the foundations of a stable interim regional administration. Somalia’s international partners pledge their support to ensure timely implementation of the outcomes of the conference.

"International partners are grateful to the communities and authorities of Himan and Heeb for hosting our visit on 15 April so we could engage directly with many of the stakeholders. The visit was intended to demonstrate our support and promote a spirit of compromise," said Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General (SRSG), Nicholas Kay.

The agreement on central region state formation was signed in Mogadishu on 30 July 2014, with all parties committing themselves to form an inclusive administration. Since then, the parties to the agreement have worked towards reconciliation and the political process of establishing an interim administration in the central regions.