International CMC - Chaired by Special Representative of the Secretary General, Francois Fall

  1. The international community welcomes the completion of the relocation of the Transitional Federal Institutions into Somalia and the reconciliatory tone of the Prime Minister's speech on the Somali national day as well as the leadership shown by Somalia leaders in opening dialogue among themselves. We urge Somali leaders to continue to work towards dialogue and understanding within the framework of the TFIs.

2. However, the international community has been concerned over certain developments inside Somalia including the reported inflow of weapons and an increase in the general level of tension both in terms of media rhetoric and reported movements of militia.

3. The international community calls the attention of all Somali leaders as well as regional and other countries to the 1992 United Nations arms embargo on Somalia and recalls declarations by all Somali leaders in Kenya to avoid arms as a solution to differences. The international community demands a halt to the supply and the delivery and reception of arms and calls for the respect of the arms embargo.

4. We call on all leaders in Somalia to exercise maximum restraint and take effective steps to reduce tension. Any resort to military force either in offence or pre-emptive defense will be unacceptable to the international community as the means for dealing with the current differences within the Transitional Federal Institutions.

5 July 2005