Inter agency rapid assessment conducted by BANIADAM, SMVIARDO, LORDO and SRCS on the visible IDPs in Lower-Shabelle region and its satellite villages


Three Sub-Protection Network Groups partner with UNHCR for Protection and PMT in Lower-Shabelle, conducted rabid assessment on the visible IDPs appeared in parts of Merka, Qorioley and Kurtunwarey districts like 'Shalanbot, Golweyn, Madulow, Bulomarere and Bulo-tuni. The agencies of BANIADAM, LORDO, SMVIADO and SRCS confirm that the overall humanitarian situation in region has deteriorated over the last six months. Between 1,535 and 7,431 people, including roughly 8,966 IDPs, are estimated to be in need of humanitarian assistance and livelihood support for at least the next six months. However, the humanitarian situation has deteriorated over the last six months in the Lower-Shabelle region due to a significant increase in the number of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) fleeing Mogadishu and a deepening drought in Lower-Shabelle region. In addition, hyperinflation in basic food and non-food items throughout the country is creating problems of food access for urban populations, especially the urban poor.

This assessment found that of the total number of people in need of humanitarian and livelihood support, an estimated 8,966 live in rural areas and face conditions of Humanitarian Emergency or Acute Food and Livelihood Crisis, while an estimated 7,431 are newly displaced people from Mogadishu (since March 2007), and an estimated 1,535 are long-term or protracted Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs).