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Humanitarian Requirements for the Horn of Africa Drought: July 2011


Faced with the current humanitarian emergency in the Horn of Africa, the humanitarian teams in the affected countries of Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia have come together to contribute to this Humanitarian Requirements overview.

This document draws on the latest updates of each country’s humanitarian plan (the Consolidated Appeal for Somalia; the Kenya Emergency Humanitarian Response Plan, the Djibouti “Drought Appeal”; and Ethiopia’s revised “Humanitarian Requirements Document for 2011”) to outline the needs and response plans arising from the drought, both country-specific and with a regional overview. It reflects the major emergency revision of the Somalia Consolidated Appeal which that humanitarian country team is now preparing, plus significant new funding requirements for Kenya.
Strategic humanitarian plans have already been in place in the four affected countries in the Horn of Africa. Most of their elements directly related to the current drought. Drafting a new, regional, CAP for this emergency was therefore not recommended. Moreover, extracting the drought-related elements from the existing humanitarian plans would risk fragmenting humanitarian planning and monitoring. However, in the coming days and weeks, the humanitarian country teams will take opportunities to highlight the most urgent and drought-related needs, response actions, and resource gaps.

This Humanitarian Requirements for the Horn of Africa presents the key elements of the current emergency for which there is an urgent and credible need for an immediate donor response, and for which there are reliable information, projections and planning. It is divided into a regional overview plus country chapters describing each one's drought-related humanitarian programmes, together with information on the response to date and on funding requirements.

Donors are encouraged to consider this document as a resumé of the current situation, and to consult the relevant consolidated appeals or comparable documents for more detailed information on the situation in each country when considering their funding decisions.

This document is updated on a regular basis; you can find the most recent version here.

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