Horn of Africa Drought Response Issue No. 16 (30 November 2017)

from Oxfam
Published on 30 Nov 2017
  • 22.9M People affected by drought in the region

  • 15M Food insecure people in Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia

  • 1.8 M People displaced in Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia by drought conditions

  • $1.5 billion Horn of Africa Drought Response funding gap

Context Highlights

  • 01 According to FEWSNET, the Horn of Africa has in the past two months experienced unstable rainfall in various parts of Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia regions. This pattern of rainfall follows successive four dry seasons in countries such as Somalia.

  • 02 The total number of people in need of humanitarian asistance has risen to over 15 million people in Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia due to the variation of rainfall. FEWSNET and FSNAU reports indicate Ethiopia 8.5 million, Somalia 6.2 million and Kenya 3.4 million will require humanitarian assistance. These figures are expected to continue rising.

  • 03 Extreme food security outcomes are expected to persist in areas of Somalia and Ethiopia’s Somalia region and parts of Kenya’s arid and semi arid region. Over 866,000 people are at risk of facing famine because of extreme food insecurity in Somalia up to April 2018, as predicted by FEWSNET.

  • 04 Malnutrition rates are surging and have reached emergency levels especiallly in Sool and Sanaag in Somaliland particularly among internally displaced people. An estimated 388,000 children are actutely malnourished and in need of critical nutrition support.

  • 05 Since July 2017, there has been unrest and conflict along Oromia-Somalia border that has resulted in approximately 578,000 new IDPs. The unrest has also delayed operations leading to lack of access to humanitarian assistance by World Food Programme.

  • 06 Unrest during the just concluded presidential elections in Kenya that resulted in the loss of at least 55 people and scores injured due to tribal hostility has led to further delays of humanitarian assistance in drought affected counties.

  • 07 Since January the Humanitarian Requirement Documents (HRD) and Humanitarian Response Plans (HRPs) for Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia remains underfunded at a time when the weather predictions reveal likelihood of poor rainfall performance in the first quarter of 2018.

  • 08 The number of internally displaced people is on the rise and has led to poor sanitation across the camps contributing to diseases such as acute watery diarrhea. A projection of over 2 million people since November 2016 have been affected by poor sanitation across the camps. Protection concerns such as Gender Based violence and forced eviction have been reported across the three countries.