High Level Consultative meeting on Somalia opens in a spirit of warm co-operation

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Nairobi, 13 April 2011 – Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General Augustine P. Mahiga said in his opening statement on Tuesday 12 April, at the High Level Consultative that the meeting was only the beginning of a process of consultations, within the framework of the Transitional Federal Charter and the Djibouti Peace Agreement, aimed at consolidating peace, working towards a smooth end to the transition and preparing for a political dispensation following that.

“This is a meeting of Somalis. The international community fully recognizes that it is the Somalis who hold the fate of their country in their hands, I am only the facilitator of this meeting and I have used my good offices as mandated by the Djibouti Agreement to try and bring all the parties together to share information and experiences,” Ambassador Mahiga said.

Participants included a Parliamentary delegation led by the Speaker, the Presidents of Puntland and Galmadug and their delegations, representatives from various regions of Al Sunnah wal Jama (ASWJ) and observers from the international community and regional organizations.

The meeting opened and proceeded in a warm and friendly atmosphere throughout the day with representatives laying out their key issues, sharing their experiences, expectations and views on the best way forward and the needs of their people. The delegates reaffirmed the unity, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Somalia.

Ambassador Mahiga said that he had held a number of extensive preliminary face to face consultations, in Mogadishu and within the region, with all key members of the Somali peace process including the President and Prime Minister of the Transitional Federal Government, to share his concept and agenda for the talks. Whilst it is regrettable that the TFG is not here, I have assured both the President and Prime Minister that this is an information sharing exercise between the TFIs, the Somalia States, regions and ASWJ. I hope the conclusions will help inform future substantive meetings.

Ambassador Mahiga assured the Somali participants of the full support of the United Nations and the international community. “The presence in this room of partners, both regional and international stakeholders, is a show of solidarity and commitment to continued support for the cause of Somalia.”

The two-day High Level Consultative meeting was facilitated to revive dialogue among the Somali stakeholders in keeping with the spirit of the Djibouti Agreement and the Transitional Federal Charter to secure a political settlement for a sustainable peace.