Gender Gap Assessment - South Central Somalia and Puntland

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Executive Summary: The Gender Gap at a Glance

The purpose of this study is to generate evidence to support the existence of a gender gap in South-Central Somalia and Puntland. This study examines the relative gender equality or inequality in Somalia composed of four sub-components: 1) economic participation, 2) economic opportunity, 3) political empowerment, and 4) educational attainment.

In order to explore the gender gap the study followed a mixed-methods approach. This included a thorough desk review of existing databases and related reports as well as legislative documents, a nationally representative household survey with 500 respondents, 6 Key Informant Interviews with relevant stakeholders, and 12 Focus Group Discussions with female and male community members.

The quantitative index is a relative assessment of the gender gap in Somalia and therefore does not take into account levels of attainment, but instead the gap between them. A score of 0 represents absolute inequality whereas a score of 1 represents absolute equality. More detail on the development of the index can be found in the technical annex. In addition, qualitative data is utilised alongside the index to provide contextual information and to explore the experiences and opinions by different actors of gender issues in Somalia. This section highlights key findings of the report.