Gedo Fact Sheet, July 2012

from UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
Published on 31 Jul 2012

Operational Context

The Gedo region borders Kenya to the West and Ethiopia to the North. The TFG currently controls most parts of the five districts (Belet Xaawo, Ceel Waaq, Luuq, Doloow and Garbahareey), where humanitarian access has improved. However while the town of Garbahareey is secure, the outlying area is still controlled by Al Shabaab including Burr Dhuubo town (Garbahareey) and Baardheere district.

The Ethiopian and TFG forces reached Bay and Bakool in February 2012 and fears of increased conflict as well as fear of forced recruitment among young men resulted in an increase in displacement. Increasingly large numbers of displaced people continue to move towards Doloow, Somalia and now onward to Dolo Ado Ethiopia, as refugees.

People on the move cite insecurity, poor rains and a fear of hunger as their reason for flight. The increasing numbers places pressures on UN agencies and implementing partners to deliver food assistance and water needs. While the presence of several, mainly local, partners ensure continued delivery of life‐saving assistance, it is insufficient to meet the current demand.

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