Gedo Fact Sheet, February 2012

from UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
Published on 29 Feb 2012

Operational Context

The TFG currently controls four districts (Belet Xaawo, Ceel Waaq, Doolow, Luuq and Garbahaarey) where humanitarian access has improved, while Burr Dhubo town in Garbahaarey and Baardheere district remain under Al Shabaab. Since January 2012, the Ethiopian pro‐TFG forces have been advancing eastwards towards Bay and Bakool regions, causing a temporary population displacement.

Recurrent drought and food shortages leave the Gedo region aid‐dependent, with very limited employment and trade opportunities. Humanitarian access in the region remains challenging. Since the ban on NGOs and UN agencies in November 2011, a shortage of implementing partners is further hampering the delivery of assistance. However, the presence of several, mainly local, partners ensure continued delivery of lifesaving assistance.

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