Flash Floods Wreak Havoc in Bardheere District of Gedo Region

News and Press Release
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SWALIM would like to update you on an emerging situation in Bardheere district, Gedo region. Heavy rains that have led to flash flooding in parts of Bardheere district have left unconfirmed number of people and animals dead. The SWALIM manned rainfall stations in Bardheere town recorded a total of 134mm in less than 24 hours which represents 70% of the total Gu rains during this time of the year. The observed river level in the town has risen by 0.8m within the same period. The current river level at Bardheere station is 5.40m, which is within the normal.

This pattern of heavy rains however has only been experienced in scattered places within Southern Somalia. Some of the stations that have recorded heavy rains in the last 24 hours include: Bulo Burti in Hiraan region (55mm) and Jowhar (51mm). Other places recorded little or no rains.

The rainfall forecast for the coming seven days (07th-13th May, 2014) is pointing towards increased rainfall across the country with most places expected to record more than 50mm of cumulative rainfall (See attached rainfall forecast map).

SWALIM and technical partners will keep monitoring the situation and will keep you updated accordingly.

Seven day rainfall forecast  ‐ (07th‐13th May, 2014)