For the first time in our history we have a an intelligence service that protects the Somali people instead of repressing them

(Mogadishu 09th January, 2012) For the first time in our history we have aan intelligence service that protects the Somali people instead of repressing them.

The 40th anniversary of the Somali Intelligence service was celebrated last night in a ceremony held at the Presidency. The guest of honor was the president of the republic H.E. Sh.Sharif Sh. Ahmed.

Also present were TFG cabinet members and the heads of the Somali armed services.
In a speech given to those assembled, the Director General of the National Security Agency (NSA),

Mr. Ahmed Moallim Fiqi said, “ There was a time when any ordinary, private Somali citizen who visited a government office or seen anywhere near it, would risk assassination; those days are well and truly behind us.” Reviewing the work of the agency in 2011, Mr. Fiqi said, “In the past year the NSA has undertaken 1200 operations with 95% success. It has arrested 986 Al-shabaab operatives (nearly 7% of their estimated strength). When Al-shabaab changed it’s tactics to bombing the civilian population in Mogadishu recently, the Agency was ready and faced the challenge. Immediately after the first spate of bombing, we started foiling their operations, arresting the terrorists and diffusing their bombs. Among other things, we mobilized the residents of Mogadishu to report to the security services any suspicious activity. This has been very successful; and we thank our people and all the Somali media houses for the success.” “Whatever to and however they changed their tactics we had counter-measures ready to defeat them.

The last method they tried was using women, something which is against our culture and tradition. A woman who pretended to be pregnant was attempting to get through a check-point carrying explosive taped on her stomach. This was foiled by our vigilant female officers specifically formed for this and similar eventualities.“ the Director General continued.
In a cautious mode the Director General, Mr Fiqi, continued “ all this success did not come by without a cost; We lost 18 gallant officers and men, some at the front and others through explosives; but this has to be seen in comparison with lives saved, thank God.” He continued.

Mr Fiqi thanked the USA and the Republic of Sudan for their assistance to the service. After the Director Generals' report, the acting Prime Minister, who is also minister of trade and industry H.E.

Abdiwahab Ugas Husein Ugas Khalif, the Director General of the Ministry of Interior and National security , general Bashir Mohamed Jama (Bashir Gobe), the commander of the Somali Army General Abdulkadir Shiekh Ali Dini, The commander of the Somali Police force, General Sharif Shekhuna Maye and the Governor of Banadir region, Mohamud Ahmed Nur (Tarsan), all gave short speeches congratulating the NSA.

Finally, the President of the Republic, H.E. Sh. Sharif Sh. Ahmed addressed the gathering, pointing out the vital role being played by the officers and men of the NSA in the fight against the enemies of our people, and congratulated them for their brilliant performance in 2011. He also promoted a number of NSA officers who have shown courage and dedication beyond the call of duty.