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Emergency Transboundary Outbreak Pest (ETOP) Situation Report for June with a Forecast till mid-August, 2011



Desert Locust (SGR) infestations declined during June in the primary breeding and outbreak areas in the Sahel, North Africa and Red Sea coasts due to control operations and unfavorable ecological conditions.

Ground operations controlled residual populations in some 900 ha on the Red Sea coast in Saudi Arabia. Locusts were not seen moving into the interior of the country or Yemen, but scattered adults appeared in the summer breeding areas of northern Sudan. An unconfirmed report indicated the presence of a small group of solitary hoppers near Hargeisa in northern Somalia. A small swarm was controlled in southeast Iran and localized infestations were treated in western Pakistan. Scattered adults appeared in the summer breeding areas along both sides of the Indo-Pakistan border. Hoppers were reported in Jaisalmer, India but it was not clear if they were SGR or other grasshoppers.

Local infestations were treated in Algeria and southwestern Morocco.
Scattered adults appeared on the Tamesna Plains in Niger (CNLA/ Mauritania, CNLAA/Morocco, DLCO-EA,
DPPQS/India, FAO-DLIS, INPV/Algeria, and PPD/Sudan).