El Wak Semi Quantitative Evaluation of Access and Coverage (SQUEAC) - 30th December to 17th January 2017 - Final Report



Ceel Waaq (El Wak) is district in Gedo Region, South Central Somalia and has an estimated population of 30,958 (2014). Elwak district boarders Beled Hawa and Garbaharey Districts to the North, Baardheere District to the South and East, and Kenya to the West. The district has two livelihood zones which include pastoral and agro- pastoral; with the major livelihood being pastoral. Though no major nutrition survey has been done specific to El Wak, the Gu 2016 assessment results show sustained critical levels of GAM among North Gedo Pastoral (17.2%) since post Gu 2014. The current SAM rate (3.2%) show sustained critical situation compared to Gu 2015, but a slight improvement compared to Deyr 15/16 in North Gedo Pastoral (4.1%). HARD is the only nutrition partner implementing CMAM in the district and has seven OTP sites. The assessment took place between 30th December 2016 and 17th January 2017. Program data from the OTP site operated by HARD were used in the analysis of admission and discharge outcome trends. The single coverage estimate for El Wak was 54.6% (49.9%-59.3%) 95% C.I which was above the sphere standard for rural program coverage (50%). Below is a summary of the main barriers and boosters, as well as the recommendations that were realized through the assessment: