Egypt participates in the international contact group on Somalia in London

An official source at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that an invitation was addressed to Egypt to participate in the international contact group on Somalia, scheduled to be held on 5 and 6 June in London.

The source outlined that the aforementioned contact group, which includes the United States, the United Kingdom, France, the European Union, the United Nations, the African Union, and a limited number of countries, had decided during its last meeting in Cairo to invite Egypt to participate in its works, as an affirmation from its side on the importance of Egypt's role in resolving the Somali issue, and the Egyptian stances that are characterized by deep understanding of the historical and complex dimension of the Somali crisis, which is appreciated by all the parties.

The foreign ministry source added that, through its participation in the upcoming meeting of the contact group, Egypt will be keen to confirm a number of primary elements to ensure overcoming the current tragic situation in Somalia, the most important of which are supporting the efforts to achieve the comprehensive national reconciliation, setting the guarantees for the success of the political process under the leadership of the interim government, the supervision of the international community, in addition to supporting the African peacekeeping efforts to ensure the restoration of stability and security, as a preface for the withdrawal of the foreign troops from Somalia.