East Africa Seasonal Monitor: July 14, 2017

from Famine Early Warning System Network
Published on 14 Jul 2017 View Original

Key Messages
- The June to September main rainy season in northern areas of East Africa has so far been average to above average in most areas, supporting regeneration of pasture and favorable crop development. However, areas of central and southwestern Ethiopia, northeastern Uganda, and southwestern Kenya received below-average rainfall in June.
- In the Eastern Horn, vegetation conditions in June were poorer than normal in most areas due to the well below-average March to May rainfall and the current dry season. Exceptions to this are isolated areas of southern Somalia where above-average Hagaa rainfall is improving pasture and water availability.
- Crop losses due to Fall Armyworm (FAW) remain a concern across the region. In Ethiopia, the Ministry of Agriculture and FAO reported that FAW has infested crops in six regions during the ongoing season.
- Rainfall in July in northern regions is forecast to be average to above average. Areas forecast to receive heavy rainfall are at an increased risk of flooding, especially in flood prone areas of western Ethiopia and eastern Sudan.