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East Africa Seasonal Monitor: December 15, 2017



  • The Deyr/short rains season is coming to an end in the Horn of Africa, with little to no rainfall in many areas since mid-November, and little to no rainfall forecast for the next two weeks. Following a significantly delayed start of season and below average seasonal rainfall, below-average crop yields are expected in rainfed areas of southern Somalia and eastern Kenya.

  • Overall, cropping prospects are near normal in most areas of Uganda, Rwanda, and Burundi, following well distributed and sufficient rainfall during the season. However, rainfall deficits persist late in the season in parts of central Uganda, western Rwanda, Burundi, and neighboring areas of eastern DRC.

  • Over the next two weeks, moderate to heavy rainfall is forecast over much of Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda, and eastern DRC. In coastal Kenya, additional rainfall could help to ease seasonal deficits, but may not significantly improve crop yield prospects.


Since mid-November, rainfall has been below average across many areas of the Horn, including southeastern Ethiopia, southern Somalia, and much of eastern Kenya. The onset of the Deyr/short rains season was delayed by almost a month and poorly distributed over time, and cumulative totals have been below average across much of Somalia, eastern Kenya, and western Somali Region in Ethiopia.

Meanwhile, in much of southern South Sudan, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and eastern DRC, cropping conditions have generally remained favorable following the average to above average rainfall between mid-November and early December. However, there are also localized areas of below-average cropping conditions, in response to the poorly distributed and below-average amounts of rainfall in parts of central and northwestern Uganda, western Rwanda and Burundi, eastern DRC, and bimodal cropping areas of northern Tanzania.

Vegetation conditions are generally above average over much of southeastern Ethiopia, northeastern and eastern Uganda, and northwestern Kenya, according to the eMODIS/NDVI (Figure 2). However, there are extensive areas where vegetation conditions are below average, including southeastern and southern Kenya, and coastal areas of southern Somalia, eastern DRC and western Burundi.