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East Africa Food Security Outlook, November 2017


Large-scale Emergencies continue in South Sudan, Somalia, Yemen, and Ethiopia

Key Messages

  • Conflict and drought are driving very high assistance needs in East Africa and Yemen, with more than 35 million people likely to require humanitarian assistance by May 2018. Sustained, large-scale humanitarian assistance is needed to protect livelihoods and mitigate the potential for loss of life.

  • In 2018, three countries in East Africa face an increased risk of Famine (IPC Phase 5) in a worst-case scenario, including in South Sudan, Somalia, and Yemen. In parts of southeastern Ethiopia, some households are likely already facing Catastrophe (IPC Phase 5) outcomes. In Yemen, the immediate resumption of essential imports through all Yemeni ports is critical to avert a severe deterioration of food security, health outcomes, and the potential for wide-spread starvation and loss of life.

  • In Sudan, assistance is needed in some northern pastoral and agropastoral areas, in SPLM-N-controlled South Kordofan, and in Jebel Marra. Displacement continues to drive assistance needs among IDPs in Burundi and refugees in Uganda, Tanzania, and Rwanda.