EASO Country of Origin Information Report: Somalia Targeted profiles - September 2021


The EASO COI report on Somalia: Targeted profiles provides in-depth information about following potentially targeted profiles: people recruited by and deserters from Al-Shabaab; women and girls; individual perceived as contravening religious laws/tenets; minorities and non-minority clans; individuals involved in blood feuds/clan disputes; individuals supporting or perceived as supporting the government, the international community, and/or as opposing Al-Shabaab; journalists; LGBTIQ.
This report was drafted by the Austrian Centre for Country of Origin and Asylum Research and Documentation (ACCORD) in accordance with the EASO COI Report Methodology. It was peer-reviewed internally, and externally by Norway, Landinfo, Norwegian Country of Origin Information Centre; and by international Somalia expert, scholar and author, Joakim Gundel.