Drought assessment needs report: For south East, South and South West of Hargeisa region.


On 28th December SRCS coordination office has sent a team composed of three person and one vehicle (Ahmed Essa , Hargeisa branch secretary, Yusuf Hassan Ismail ,MoWR regional coordinator and Yasin Osman Jama, resilience Watsan officer) to assess the drought affected areas of the above mention directions of Hargeisa region.

Background information:

The areas of south East ,South and South west of Hargeisa region is the area that were famous for animal rearing specially camels and sheep and its population’s livelihood mainly depended on livestock, also it was the area where the region’s meat and milk supplies come from . The trees and pasture that grows this area are good nourishing and vitally important thing for livestock. Due to prolonged and recurrent droughts and the failure of rain falls for the last two years hard affected and caused the animal pasture fading and depleting and water sources dried. This has damaged the economy of the region in general and particularly the pastoral community living in that area, it has affected the livelihood of the house hold ,family ties and decreased the house hold income and also lowered the purchasing power of the families,

Because of the livestock pasture depletion, the animal weight dropped and its markets became shrinking. In addition to this all of the strong animals that are able to travel long distance have migrated to cross the neighbouring boundary of Ethiopia in search of pasture water .This has also deteriorated the condition of the pastoral community.