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Dolow Urban Profile - Working Paper and Spatial Analysis for Urban Planning Consultations and Durable Solutions for Displacement Crises


This working paper summarizes main aspects of an urban profile of Dolow from the spatial perspective. This analysis considers the development potentials and constraints of Dolow within a time frame of five to ten years.

Reference is made to other studies and data updates undertaken by UN agencies and other local and international stakeholders. However, given the current security situation in Dolow, there is no comprehensive study that captures in detail the situation of the town and its inhabitants.

Dolow’s context displaces a great dynamism, where its stability and economic potential given its strategic location are matched by vulnerability to environmental threats and its attraction to IDPs. The development of Dolow therefore can change quite quickly as it also depends on the overall economic, social and environmental trends in the country, and the bordering countries: Kenya and Ethiopia. The paper attempts to capture the main settlement topics and link them to the demands of the various communities living in town (including returnees, IDPs and the host community).

Based on the current Community Action Planning Process in Dolow’s urban villages and reflecting on local, state and national strategy papers and plans, the paper outlines proposals for town planning and transformations with the integration and upgrading of the many IPD settlements in a way that all residents benefit from the improved living conditions, better access to urban services and job opportunities.