Cross Border Movements - Somalia (March 2019)

from International Organization for Migration
Published on 21 Mar 2019 View Original

In March, a total of 33,525 individuals were recorded in border crossing points monitored by the DTM. While this represents a significant increase in the number of migrants identified in comparison with February 2018, this change is attributed to increased coverage of the DTM and improved methodology. Main movements were recorded in Lower Juba region. Dhobley (Lower Juba) border point recorded the highest number of exits while Buuhoodle (Togdheer) recorded the highest number of entries. 58% of all movements identified were inflows, while 42% were outflows. In southern Somalia, a significant number of movements originate from Dadaab camp (an estimated 1,604 persons), with 91% of them having entered Somalia through the Diif border crossing point. Finally, main countries of departure for migrants entering Somalia was Kenya (44%), Ethiopia (39%), Yemen (8%), and Djibouti (8%); main countries of destination for migrants exiting Somalia was Kenya (58%), Ethiopia (30%), Uganda (3%), and Djibouti (2%).

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