Cross Border Movements - Somalia (August 2019)

from International Organization for Migration
Published on 31 Aug 2019 View Original

In August 2019, a total of 29,878 movements were observed at Flow Monitoring Points. This represents an increase of 34% in comparison with July 2019 when 22,228 movements were observed. Six FMPs (Dhobley, Harirad, Bosaso, Buuhoodle, Cabudwaaq and Doolow) recorded an increase in movements while. One FMP (Lowyacado) saw a decrease in movements.

Unlike in July 2019 when flows identified were majority Incoming, this month saw a majority of outgoing flows (57%) against 43% incoming flows. Like for previous months, Buuhoodle Flow Monitoring Point (Ethiopian border) recorded the highest levels of incoming flows for August (29% of all incoming flows), while Bossaso continued to record the highest number of outgoing flows (55% of all outgoing flows). Migrants identified were mostly Ethiopian (48%) Somali (46%) Djiboutian (5%) and Other (1%).

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