Creating employment opportunities for urban marginalized youth through entrepreneurship: Miraha Dalka group’s experience

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Bulo Eyle is an underdeveloped slum settlement in Nageyle section of Karan district in Mogadishu, Banadir region. The majority of the residents, estimated to 2,400 households, live in poor iron sheet houses in a highly congested settlement with narrow streets. Casual labour activities, such as washing clothes, wheel barrow carriage, repairs, building-related masons and small petty trade, are the main livelihoods. Bulo Eyle does not have a main market and the residents have to commute to the nearest markets in Karaan to access both food and non-food items.

Muno Mohamud Adow, Faizo Mahdi Ali, Sahro Moalim Hassan, Dalmar Hassan Ahmed and Mustaf Ahmed Mohamed all in the age group 20-25 enrolled in the first cohort of entrepreneurship programme in Bulo Eyle in October 2019. After completing 4 months of entrepreneurship skills training, the five trainees formed Miraha Dalka business group. Muna, the chairperson of Miraha Dalka business group, said “the Community Resilience Committees (CRCs) identified us because they know our vulnerability and this sparked our future dream, we set-up business where there is demand for clothes for women and children because the market is far from the area”. She added that before her group members enrolled in the course, they remained hopeless and their livelihood depended on uncertainty.

After completing the training, BRCiS through Concern Worldwide and its local partner, Youth Link, provided release the first grant to roll out Miraha Dalka’s clothing and cosmetics sale business. They were also supported in registering their business from the Ministry of Commerce and the facilitation in opening business bank account at Amal Bank. The group received a total start-up business grant of 2,000 USD in two instalments (400 USD per trainee).

The group is now running a small business and trading in cosmetics such as perfumes, eyeshadows, body-lotions and shampoos. Muna explaining this says, “We, our group, have established our business and we do trade in cosmetics which give us employment but also covered our basic necessities of life and we make a daily income of $15-20.”

Upon receiving the second instalment from BRCiS UK funded-programme, the group expanded the business and started to trade clothing items which are rarely available in Bulo Eyle. Muna explains, “with the second installment, we already had a plan to expand which led to increase our of our daily profit”. One year ago these youths were not about to pay an airtime for their mobile but today with the help of BRCiS programme have set up their own business with a daily income ranging from 20 to 30 USD and they contribute to the well-being of their families. In addition to this, they have now have bright future plans both individuals and as a group. The group is currently planning to move to a bigger store to meet the high demand for their products

BRCiS (Building Resilience in Somalia) is a humanitarian consortium funded by UK government that takes a bottom-up approach to supporting Somali communities in developing their capacity to resist and absorb minor shocks without undermining their ability to move out of poverty. Concern Worldwide is a broad implementing partner of BRCiS’s resilience building program.

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Abdikarim Ali, NRC BRCiS Communication and advocacy coordinator