Council of Ministers Meeting on 14 April

News and Press Release
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(Mogadishu, Thursday, 14 April 2011)-----The Council of Ministers held today its weekly meeting which the Prime Minister of Smalia, Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed was chairing. The meeting was discussed a nmber of issues, which included the Nairobi meeting and the transitional priod.

The Cuncil of Ministers reviewed the outcome of the “High Level” Consultation meting on Somalia that was concluded late yesterday, 13 April 2011 in Nairobi, Knya. This meeting has not produced a tangible result that meets our epectation in serving the interest of our nation.

After the Council of Ministers discussed the way forward, the transitional period and how to best find peace, consultation and full reconciliation and at the same time debated on the issue, the Council of Ministers decided the following:

The Transitional Federal Government is ready for consultation, accountability and full reconciliation between all segments of the society, such as Regional Administrations, Ahlu Sunna Wal-Jamia, civil society groups, religious and traditional leaders and opposition groups.

The political committee at ministerial level to recommend the best way to hold Somali – Somali dialogue inside Somalia. The committee to submit its proposals to the Council of Ministers as soon as possible.

To hold high level consultative and reconciliation meeting inside Somalia between 11 to 16 June 2011. This meeting will be chaired and organised by the Transitional Federal Government with the support and consultation of the UN and the International Community.

The contents and the agenda must be discussed among all stakeholders so that all participants have an input and make consensus decision. The Council of Ministers agreed that all segments of the society to be consulted on the agenda and the possible outcomes. This high level consultative meeting is political outreach, which to be discussed the future of the people of Somalia. - END -