A contribution to durable solutions: Tracing former Dadaab Teachers’ transferable skills in Somalia

Evaluation and Lessons Learned
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1.1. Executive Summary

This rapid assessment shows the “spill-over” impact that the training had to thousands of teachers in Dadaab refugee camps on the education system in Somalia, specifically in Lower Juba. Bordering Kenya, Lower Juba is the administrative region (gobol) in Southern Somalia that host the largest population of Somali returnees (64%, 54,475 individuals; UNHCR Feb 2021).

Almost 1/4 (23%) of teachers teaching in the schools of Lower Juba Somalia were trained in Dadaab, mostly after 2016. Their technical capacity is rated by school headteachers as very good (by 67%) or good (by 33%), and almost unanimously (by 83%) superior to other teachers (not trained in Dadaab).