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Conflict, Stability and Security Fund: Somalia Stabilisation Programme

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The programme aims to reduce local drivers of conflict in areas of Somalia recently recovered from al-Shabaab (a-S) control and provide foundations for the local political settlements and stability. The programme aims to deliver improved community reconciliation and cohesion through inclusive community engagement.

• The Early Recovery Initiative (ERI) component delivers technical advice and capacity building in areas to create the conditions for community reconciliation and to strengthen the legitimacy of the local state administration in areas recently recovered from, or contested by, a-S in South West State and Jubbaland State.

• The programme provides a technical advisor post to United Nations Assistance Mission in Somalia (UNSOM) and staff in the Ministry of Interior Federal Affairs & Reconciliation (MoIFAR) to assist its Stabilisation Unit.

• UK funding delivers the Fragility Index & Maturity Model (FIMM) District level research and quarterly reporting against which governance progress can be assessed. The programme works in partnership with the EU to co-fund the data collection and report writing.

• Support to institutional capacity building to improve safety for women, men, girls and children. Our work on ‘Preventing the Recruitment & Use of Children During Armed Conflict’ and support to the MoD’s Child Protection Unit contributes to the UK response to The Modern Slavery Agenda.

• Through our work with UNICEF the programme provides capacity building to civil society organisations in ERI priority regions of Somalia to develop a sustainable and community-based approach to preventing gender-based violence and protecting children – key to promoting longer-term stability.

• A Third Party Monitoring component is built into the programme to help strengthen individual project components and to assist in identifying when activity should be increased, scaled down or terminated.

• This programme is ODA eligible under the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Development Assistance Committee's revised directive on peace and security. The UK aid strategy (2015) sets out the UK Government’s objectives to use its ODA budget to strengthen global peace, security and governance by investing more to tackle the causes of instability, insecurity and conflict, and tackle crime and corruption.