Comprehensive Site Assessment: Afgooye District, May 2018



Severe drought conditions prevail in significant portions of Somalia after four successive seasons of below average rainfall. In September 2017, the Displacement Tracking Matrix1 round 6 estimated that 2 million people in the 58 assessed districts of Somalia were displaced, the majority of whom were children (under 18 years) and women. In search for food supplies, income sources and humanitarian assistance, displaced populations have moved towards urban areas where new internally displaced persons (IDPs) sites are established. However, the continuing increase in the displaced population has intensified the strain placed on existing sites and service provision.

A Detailed Site Assessment (DSA), conducted by REACH between October 2017 and March 2018, aimed to get a snapshot of the situation of the IDPs across Somalia through key informants interviews. To support the DSA, a Comprehensive Site Assessment (CSA) was conducted. The CSA is a household-level survey conducted amongst a representative sample of all IDP sites in each targeted district. It provides detailed information about the available infrastructure and services for IDPs living in the sites as well as their needs and vulnerabilities in the targeted districts (Afgooye and Baidoa). Detailed information at district level will enable operational partners to plan appropriate responses to fill the needs gaps identified across sectors. Based on the severity score from the DSA and accessibility, Baidoa and Afgooye districts were selected for the first round of CSA.

IDP households were sampled for statistical representativeness at the district level, with a 95 % confidence level and a 5.17 % margin of error. 347 household surveys were conducted across 104 sites in Afoogye during April 2018 and May 2018.

In addition to the household interviews, all identified education, health and nutrition facilities accessible to IDPs in each district were mapped. A snowballing sampling strategy was used starting with the information provided by the humanitarian partners. The enumerators asked to the person in charge of the facility if other facilities were accessible until exhaustion in order to ensure that all facilities were reached.

Number of assessed households: 347
**Estimated number of IDP households in Afgooye:**10,527
Estimated number of IDP individuals in Afgooye: 56,453