Complaints and Feedback Mechanism (CFM): Monthly Summary Report for June 2022


June featured 5, 200 complaints raised which represented an increase of (6%) of recorded issues compared to the number of complaints raised in the month of May which had 4,488 issues filled. The majority of the complaints raised in June were from the Food Security and Livelihood (FSL) where 2,050 (39%), Shelter 1, 269(24%) and WASH 728 (14%) making 77% of the recorded issues. This is consistent with the ongoing drought needs where most of the highlighted needs through the CCCM New Arrival Tracker are recorded under the FSL needs alongside the other two sectors. Complaints were also recorded across all other sectors including health and nutrition albeit in low numbers across the districts where CCCM CFM was recorded. As with the previous months, the highest number of issues filed this month were from Dollow and Baidoa districts having 21% and 16% of issues filled representing 37% of the concerns raised from the two districts. Daynille district had 14% followed by Luuq and Kismayo districts which recorded 10%