Complaints and Feedback Mechanism (CFM): Monthly Summary Report for April 2022


IDP Site Complaints Feedback Overview

The CCCM cluster established a standardized complaints feedback mechanism (CFM) in July 2020 with the objective of uniformly capturing key complaint data which can be analyzed by humanitarian partners. This monthly snapshot highlights important IDP complaint-related trends and tendencies for locations where CCCM partners are active. Stakeholders can also access the cluster’s real-time CFM dashboard for further data analysis.

Top complaints summaries (April 2022)

April featured 3,903 complaints raised which represented a sharp decrease (20%) of recorded issues compared to the number of complaints raised in the month of March which had 5,161 issues filled.

The majority of the complaints raised in April were from the Food Security and Livelihood (FSL) where 1,758 (45%) issues were recorded, 1,017 were registered in Shelter (26%) while under WASH, 485 issues were recorded (12%) totalling to 83% of the overall complaints raised and nearly half of them being recorded in FSL sector alone. This is consistent with the ongoing drought needs where most of the highlighted needs through the CCCM New Arrival Tracker are recorded under the FSL needs. It is also similar to previous months trends where most issues filed are in the life saving sectors.

The highest number of issues filed this month were from Dollow and Baidoa districts each having 25% of issues filled representing half of the concerns raised from the two districts. Berdale town had 15% followed by Kismayo and Jowhar districts each recording 11% of the issues raised. The #5 districts represented 85% of all the complaints raised in the month of April of the 14 districts that recorded and reported issues through the CCCM CFM system.