CCCM Household Satisfaction Surveys - March 2021

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Under the guidance of the CCCM cluster, CCCM partners participated in a household-level satisfaction survey designed to provide concrete evidence of the successes of CCCM approaches, and thematic areas that cluster partners can improve in the future. A total of nine CCCM partners participated in this assessment spanning a total of 4 districts (Baidoa, Doolow, Kismayo and Mogadishu Daynile) reaching 700 households residing in 77 IDP sites. The CCCM satisfaction survey was conducted as a pilot exercise with the intention of scaling up the exercise in the coming year to feature all districts where CCCM partners have active projects in. Findings from the Satisfaction Survey will be incorporated into a general recommendation document which will be presented at a future National CCCM Cluster meeting and provided to CCCM partners.