CCCM Cluster Somalia Dashboard - as of November 2021

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General Updates

Site Verification Assessments: Site Verification Assessments: One site verification assessment was conducted in Bardhere, Gedo where 7 verified IDP sites were assessed accommodated 1,072 households or 6,432 individuals. Capacity Building: Through capacity building initiatives, CCCM partners trained 650 camp management committee (CMC) members on site planning, conflict resolution, complaints Feedback Mechanisms (CFM), community participation, fire safety & CMCs roles and responsibilities.

Coordination Meetings: Partners held site-level coordination meetings across IDP sites in 12 districts: Daynile, Jowhar, Beletweyn, Garowe, Baidoa, Kismayo, Belethawa, Erigavo and El-Afweyn. During these meetings, discussions related to service delivery gaps, improving minority inclusion and accountability to affected communities were discussed with community members and service providers. Jubbaland Commission for Refugees and IDPs (JUCRI) coordinated meetings with service providers to assist the drought-affected displaced persons arriving on the outskirts of Kismayo, Dhobley and Afmadow.

Site improvement activities: Site maintenance toolkits were distributed by partners to IDP communities in Cadado, Cabudwak and Dhusamaareeb supporting the communities in carrying out site maintenance activities through incentivized Cash-for-Work approaches. Additionally, more than 245 beneficiaries took part in site improvement activities aimed at improving the living standards of site population in Kahda, Daynile and Belet Xaawo.

Service Monitoring (SM): During the month of November, CCCM partners provided site monitoring activities in 826 IDP sites spanning 20 districts. During this activity, IDP sites that indicated indicator scores below average were flagged to respective clusters service providers for immediate support. The service monitoring data from November highlighted that only 17% of 826 IDP sites have received food security support within the last 6 months despite the current IPC conditions of 3+ in many IDP sites across the country.

For more details on Site Monitoring, please see the dashboard:

Communication with Communities: A total of 68,250 individuals (40,404 females and 27,846 males) attended special sessions for Covid-19 prevention and response awareness-raising conducted by partners during the month of November. CCCM partners continued distribution of IEC materials, which included contact details for partner-ran hotlines for IDPs to ask questions related to Covid-19 coupled with door-to-door awareness raising and mass communication through prerecorded messages played via megaphones.

Cash Based Intervention (CBI)/ Cash for Work (CfW): Through CBI modalities in November, 200 IDPs (130 female, 70 male) were engaged in site maintenance activities across 15 sites in Cabdudwak, Cadaado, and Guriel and Galkacyo districts in Galmudug. Complaint and Feedback Mechanism (CFM): During the month of November, a total of 4,161 issues was filed through CCCM partner CFM system. November filled cases (4,161) were 23% higher than the monthly 2021 average of 3,162. November’s high comparative number of issues filed via CCCM CFM systems highlights an increase in requests for assistance that IDPs have mainly for food, shelter and NFI assistance. For more details on CFM please see the CFM Dashboard: