CCCM Cluster Somalia Dashboard as of July 2022


General Updates

Site Verification Assessments: #7 site verification assessments were conducted and completed in #7 districts (Marka, Burhakaba, Hudur, Qansaxdhere, Diinsor, Baidoa and Wajid). According to the verification data, there were 610 verified IDP sites located in those 7 districts hosting a total of 129,078 HHs (835,738 ind.) Furthermore, comprehensive reports for each district with sex and age disaggregated data has been circulated to partners, humanitarian and durable solutions agencies and respective authorities.

Capacity Building: Partners trained 224 newly formed CMCs from newly established targeted IDP sites. The capacity building mainly focusing on displaying the roles and responsibilities of CMCs so as to ensure a high level of participation in camp management and that aid reaches those who are most vulnerable and in need.

Service Monitoring: During the reporting period site monitoring reports, occurred in 25 districts covering 1137 IDP sites with findings highlighting access to water in CCCM managed IDP sites dropped from 57% of IDP sites having access to water in June, down to 50% of sites in July. This continues a three-month trend of limited access to water for CCCM managed IDP sites; moreover, partners conducted site level service monitoring assessments to note needs to include inadequate housing, learning facilities, inadequate food, WASH services and poor sanitations facilitation among IDPs in Afmadow. Site level meeting aimed at improving service delivery was conducted in IDP site in Beletweyn where Health and Nutrition gaps were discussed; service providers and cluster focal points assured of filling information gaps related to locations of nearest health and nutrition centers available for IDP sites in Beletweyn.

For more details on Site Monitoring, please see the dashboard: Communication with Communities: During the reporting period CCCM partners enhanced community engagements activities by conducting awareness sessions on PSEA, COVID-19 and through Area-Based coordination forums and MRP community-level mobilizations partners held over 150 site level coordination meetings with Local Authorities, service providers and members of communities discussed enhancing Reponses to drought for the displaced new arrivals in sites and ways to enhance advocacy on service delivery.ery by partners and information on reporting cases of fraud if encountered.

Cash Based Intervention (CBI)/ Cash for Work (CfW): CCCM Partners implemented cash intervention targeting 1300 HHs for a duration of 3-months each Household receiving USD amounts between $70 – $90 per month. In addition, partners coordinated with Aid agencies distributing food stuffs to newly displaced arrivals in IDP sites in Baidoa and Berdale.

Complaint and Feedback Mechanism (CFM): July featured 4, 959 complaints raised which represented a slight decrease of 5% of the recorded issues this month compared to the number of complaints raised in the month of June which had 5,200 issues filled. Most of the complaints raised in July were from the Food Security and Livelihood (FSL) where 2,402 (48%), Shelter 870 (18%) and WASH 572 (12%) making 78% of the recorded issues which correlates with the ongoing drought needs where most of the highlighted needs through the CCCM New Arrival Tracker.

For more details on CFM please see the CFM Dashboard: Site improvement activities: Partners were able to coordinate with WASH partners in Bossaso to rehabilitate nonfunctional latrines in the IDP camps in Bossaso through cash for work engaging a total of 192 community members composed of skilled and unskilled from the 13 IDP camps in Bossaso, 12 camps in Qardo and 16 camps in Garowe to benefit from cash work earnings. Further, partners have plans to support a total of 420 households from the most vulnerable displaced families (female headed) with a rechargeable solar lantern to improve safety and security for women and girls in IDP sites.

New Arrivals: CCCM Partners continue recording numbers of displaced populations arriving in CCCM managed sited through the CCCM New Arrival Trucker Tool. In the month of July, at least 192,000 new arrivals were received in 597 IDP sites managed by CCCM Partners across 25 districts.
For more details on new arrivals to IDP sites please see the New Arrivals Tool (NAT)