CCCM Cluster Somalia Dashboard - as of August 2020

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General update

CCCM partners continue to provide inclusive Risk Communication activities (awareness raising on COVID-19) at the IDP site-level targeting site leaders, committee groups and IDP populations and have reached a total of 921 IDP sites out of 2344 IDP sites nationally, covering 1,091,009 persons (42% out of total 2.6 million). Partners trained more than 680 community members 518F/162M on COVID prevention and response.

Through site improvement activities, partners were able to incorporate 500 community members into their incentivized site maintenance operations in Dollow, Kahda and Daynile. Such cash for work activities focused on site cleaning and site enhancement activities.

Partners conducted service mapping and service monitoring in their areas of operations to identify available services in IDP sites and subsequent service gaps. Such service gaps were flagged and referred to service providers and sector leads; IDP sites in Berdale, Daynile and Galkayo are experiencing substantial service gaps.

To build the capacity of community governance structures operating at the site-level, partners trained 30 CMCs representing 17 IDPs in Kismayu. Two multipurpose community centers were constructed for IDP communities in Hudur to provide IDP communities with a space for activities and site-level coordination meetings.

1,859 complaint cases were recorded by partners at their respective CFM systems; out of the 1,859 complaints, 81% were solved and closed.