CCCM Cluster Somalia Dashboard - as of April 2021

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General Updates

During the month of April, CCCM partners carried out COVID-19 RCCE activities in 709 IDP sites targeting a total of approximately 711,000 IDPs. A total of 2,463 community leaders, religious leaders or influential members of the IDP community were provided COVID-19 RCCE information sessions with these leaders assisting partners in spreading constructive COVID-19 messaging to the IDP community.

CCCM partners provided Camp Management Committee (CMCs) members with capacity building activities aimed at enhancing their knowledge of CCCM principles, roles and responsibilities of being a CMC member and ways to further promote community resilience. In total, 191 CMC members received capacity building sessions from CCCM partners.

Moreover, CMC members in Kahda and Daynile sites received a two-day training on HLP issues with the objective of fostering knowledge of how communities can both prevent and respond to eviction threats. A total of 512 sites featured information sessions, strategic meetings or feedback sessions with CMC members.

A total of 512 IDP sites featured small-scale site improvement works within the month of April. Largely these projects included the construction of community centers, provision of site drainage or site-level cleaning campaigns that are aimed at promoting sanitary and hygienic conditions in IDP sites. CCCM partners provided flood risk trainings to members of the CMC ensuring that early warning systems are in place and that the IDP community is aware of how to respond to incidences of flooding.

April featured a large volume of new displaced arrivals in IDP sites within districts such as Berdale, Daynile, Kahda, South Galkaayo, Baidoa and Cadado. CCCM partners have been scaling up complaints feedback mechanism (CFM) services in IDP sites ensuring that populations are receiving updated information about where and how to access essential services. April featured the highest amount of issues filed via CFM systems with 3,567 cases filed.

April featured site verification exercises conducted in the following Bay and Bakool districts: Baidoa, Diinsoor, Qansax Dhere, Waajid, Berdale and Xudur. CCCM partners in tandem with local authorities and cross-sector partners were able to verify a total of 618 IDP sites accommodating 568,935 IDPs within these six districts.