CCCM Cluster Somalia: 2020: Year in Review

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Expanded CCCM Coverage Nationwide

2020 saw the CCCM cluster expand its footprint nationally delivering essential humanitarian services to displaced populations living in IDP sites. Within the year, the number of IDP sites covered by CCCM partners increased from 526 to 1,009 sites, a 92% year-over-year increase. Aligned with this enhancement in coverage, the CCCM cluster welcomed an increase of CCCM partners with active programming from 9 to 16, an 78% year-over-year increase. These increases in partner coverage countrywide occurred despite only a 4.2% increase in the annual HRP requirement being funded in 2020 versus 2019. CCCM operator presence has largely led to strengthened site-level management generating increases in dignified living conditions at the site-level, and enriched site-level information which is essential for the humanitarian community to have.

Improved Living Conditions in IDP Sites

CCCM partners have actively contributed to community-led infrastructure projects in IDP sites with the objective of raising living conditions for beneficiaries. Beneficiaries in 15 districts received financial incentives to carry out care and maintenance projects, improving communal infrastructure in their respective IDP sites. As a core CCCM activity, partners have carried out 671 safety audit exercises ensuring that protection concerns at the site-level are addressed both through CCCM site maintenance activities, and through service provider initiatives with the aim of mitigating safety risks for women and girls.

Furthermore, a new activity geared at decongestion IDP sites was established with collaboration from the Shelter Cluster. This new initiative of site decongestion was piloted in two Daynile IDP sites with positive results such as the creation of enhanced spacing between shelters, creation of access roads and relocation of WASH infrastructure to locations that better serve all site populations. In 2021, the cluster looks to expand coverage of this approach to districts across the country.

Responding to Shocks and Emergencies

2020 featured one of the most challenging years on record for humanitarian operations in Somalia. The triple threat (desert locust swarms, COVID-19 and acute flooding) resulted in the suffering and displacement of thousands of individuals. CCCM partners pivoted programming to focus on COVID-19 RCCE activities in March with partners reaching more than 900 IDP sites and 1.1 million individuals with COVID-19 awareness programming. Acute flooding around the country forced CCCM partners to respond with site maintenance activities aimed at establishing or rehabilitating drainage systems in IDP sites while also delivering site maintenance tool kits and DRR training exercises to camp management committee (CMC) members.

Establishing New Cluster Tools

The year of 2020 was made noteworthy through the creation of a number of new CCCM tools. July 2020 saw the CCCM cluster establish a standardized complaints feedback mechanism (CFM) system allowing for all cluster partners to utilize the same mechanism countrywide. The standardized CFM has created evidence-based data used for inter-cluster referrals in addition to fueling the CFM monthly factsheet which showcases complaints trends and sector needs. Tools such as the site verication were greatly enhanced to obtain valuable persons with disabilities (PwDs) data, site-level risks, and settlement density.

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