CARE Continues Humanitarian Aid In Somalia Despite Attack On Convoy

News and Press Release
Originally published
ATLANTA (January 29, 2000) -- The international relief and development organization CARE today stated it will continue to respond to humanitarian needs in Somalia despite the recent attack on a famine relief convoy.
On Friday, January 28, the convoy - a private Somali transporter contracted by CARE to deliver approximately 250 tons of emergency relief food to Tieglo - was traveling from north Mogadishu through Hiran when it was stopped and fired upon by local militia. Five people, including four militia members and one member of the convoy, were killed, and 10 more injured. CARE reported that none of its staff were killed or injured and that no food was stolen.

"We will continue to do everything we can to reach the people of Tieglo who desperately need our assistance," says Mustaque Ahmed, food sector coordinator for CARE in Somalia. "This attack has highlighted, once again, the dangers for aid workers in Somalia."

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