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December 3, 1999
We, the Somali Support committee are dismayed by the wide spread abuse against innocent residents of Kismaayo, a coastal town which was captured on the 11th June of this year by the bloody militias of Gen. Omar Haaji and Hussien Aidiid supported by Eritrea and OROMO fighters. We are equally dismayed by the shameful silence of the International community against this brutal genocide.

Since the murdering militias captured the town, thousands of people have been victims of torture, imprisonment, abduction, and rape. Furthermore, the above forces have evicted residents from their homes and looted their properties. As result, many people have been forced to flee to the surrounding villages, leaving them with out health, food, water, and shelter. Although the international community attention is presently concentrated on Kosovo, and Chechnya, the horrendous human torment that is unfolding in Kismaayo merits the close scrutiny of the Security Council. We are convinced that if the international community turns a deaf ear on this brutal genocide, the consequences will be catastrophic.

In conclusion, we urge the Security Council the following;

* Break the shameful silence against this brutal genocide, and condemn the suffering of innocent civilians, which should not be further prolonged.

* Consider appointing a war crime's tribunal to investigate human rights crimes committed before and during the civil war in Somalia. Such a court was appointed for Bosnia and Rwanda civil war crimes. Somalia should be treated the same, because these factions are violating the provisions of Common Article 3 of the Geneva Convention and of the Customary International Law.

* Support the role of IGAD and OAU to facilitate the Somali Reconciliation efforts.

Somali Support Committee is a Non Governmental Organization created in 1999 to help examine the long-term political solutions and economic initiatives in Somalia. CONTACT: Fax (301) 588-9407 or

Abshir Abshir Chairman Somali Support Committee

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