BRCiS bi-annual update

News and Press Release
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Situation update

Somalia has been challenged by continual shocks, including COVID-19, locust infestation, and flooding, which constrained access and resources for the BRCiS programme throughout the quarter. Specifically, these have delayed the procurement of goods, increased the cost of supplies and transport, and restricted programmatic activities. To address this, Members worked to augment established safety and security measures with protection and prevention procedures and to reprioritize longer-term investments. These actions were complemented by exhaustive coordination and planning with key resilience stakeholders, to ensure informed, collective, and collaborative action.

Community engagement

BRCiS Members continue to implement the P-FIM (People First Impact Methodology) approach to centre responses and feedback on two-way communication. This has already supported adaptations to the COVID-19 response and will be continued in the following quarters. The first two rounds of community consultations were successfully undertaken. the analysis from the most recent round of consultations found that the intervention areas prioritized by BRCiS were largely aligned with the needs and preferences expressed by communities. Besides, a high number of communities requested support from BRCiS agencies in sensitizing Imams on Covid-19 and engaging them in related awareness-raising and messaging activities. A third round of consultations is planned at the end 2020 and will provide further information on the effectiveness of BRCiS COVID-19 response.