Baidoa Floods Rapid Needs Assessment, October 2019



• According to IOM’s monthly movement trend tracking, the influx of new arrivals in the past six months in Baidoa have surpassed more than 16,500 HHs, creating 44 new IDP camps (camps increased from 391 to 435). The majority of IDPs fled their areas of origin due to drought and conflict, choosing Baidoa town as a hub for safety as well as for access to humanitarian assistance.

• Lacking proper shelter, the newly arrived IDPs have also been greatly affected by heavy Deyr 2019 rains. These torrential rains have caused flash floods, affecting the IDPs who are living in a very delicate makeshift structures thereby exposing them to negative weather impacts.

• The majority of the IDPs have created new temporary shelters in the outskirts of the city while others have joined the existing camps. Several agencies have strived to immediately respond to the pressing needs to fill the humanitarian gaps. However, those efforts are limited in relation to the needs of the IDPs.