April 2022 Follow up Integrated Food security Nutrition and Mortality Assessments: Nutrition and Mortality Results, 17 May 2022


Primary Objectives:

  • Assess the prevalence of (acute) malnutrition amongst children aged 6 -59 months (magnitude & Distribution)

  • Determine retrospective Crude Death Rate (CDR) and Under-Five Death Rate (U5DR) based on recall period.
    Secondary objectives:

  • Determine morbidity rate among children aged 6 – 59 months

  • Estimate coverage with measles vaccination and Vitamin A supplementation

  • Assess water and sanitation, household food security factors that may contribute to malnutrition in children.


  • A two-stage probability proportionate to size (PPS) cluster sampling protocol, based on Standardized Monitoring and assessment of Relief and Transitions (SMART) Methodology was used.

  • Retrospective mortality data for 93 days recall period prior to the assessments was also collected among all sampled IDPs,
    Urban and Rural households respectively.