AMISOM hands over key renovated projects to Southwest State

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BAIDOA, Somalia, December 3, 2020 – The African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) Ethiopian forces has handed over a renovated hospital and two solar-powered water pumps in Baidoa, seat of the Southwest State of Somalia in a bid to help bring services closer to the people.

The rehabilitations works was funded by the Italian government and implemented by AMISOM under its Quick Impact Projects (QUIPs). The TB center serves tens of thousands of people from Bay and Bakool regions of Southwest State of Somalia. The water pumps will provide clean water for the residents and help reduce waterborne diseases.

The handover ceremony was attended by senior AMISOM officials and authorities. AMISOM Coordinator for Southwest State Fadil Karar handed over the rehabilitated facilities to Southwest Minister of Health Mohamed Haji Osman in a colourful ceremony held at the hospital in Baidoa on Thursday.

“We are happy to attend this handover ceremony after the rehabilitation of TB center by AMISOM, Ethiopian contingent. Ethiopian troops are ready to work with Southwest in the fight against al-Shabaab militants- they also provide health services by rehabilitating the TB center. We appreciate the support of AMISOM especially Ethiopian contingent for their support to Southwest state Somalia,” the minister said.

The Civilian Sector 3 Team Coordinator Karar who also spoke during the handover said AMISOM is committed to implement such projects falling under health and sanitation categories in order to improve the lives of the people.

“This project was requested by Southwest administration, ministry of health to support and extend the rehabilitation of the TB center which they came up with several demands with regards to rehabilitation of incinerators, washrooms, parameters walls and inside wardrooms for rehabilitation. We are happy as AMISOM to intervene and fill the gaps,” Karir stressed,

“We also handed over two projects, solar-powered water projects in Siliga and Adada. As AMISOM, we have extended this support for the water resources and energy and the overall objectives of those projects is to give easy access for safe drinking water,” he added

Beneficiaries of this AMISOM quick impact project in Baidoa are already ripping the benefits of the initiative. Hawo Hassan Abdirahman, a beneficiary of the water well in Adada area in Baidoa is full of praise and appreciation to AMISOM.

“This well has covered the needs of people. May God bless those who organized this project. Initially, the pregnant women, nursing women used to fetch water from Mayafulka, they used to climb the slope with difficulties but now they no longer have to walk far away as they get water readily at home. We appreciate the support of Southwest ministry of water in collaboration with international donors. The local people, especially women and children have hugely benefited from this project,” said a seemingly cheerful Hawo.

Local authorities in Southwest State say the project is changing lives.

“We have already seen the impact and the benefits of these two wells in Adaada and Siliga to the people. The wells were made possible through joint cooperation between the Southwest State Ministry of Water and Energy and AMISOM. We can see their fruits today because people who used to fetch water from far now have access to clean water here,” Liban Ahmed Abdullahi, Director of Energy and Water Resources Department of Southwest ministry of water and energy said.