Al-shabaab still forcing young people to fight

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(Mogadishu: 11th –January -2012) Over the past week the government has received reports from the residents of the Middle and Lower Shabelle regions, as well as from parts of the Gedo region still in the hands of the extremists, that Al-shabaab are forcing young men and boys to join them in their unholy fight against the government and allied forces.

Loud-speakers mounted on cars were threatening that any young person who did not immediately join them will face severe punishment.

They went as far as going into ordinary schools and even to Koranic schools, where pupils are barely above the age of 13 years, in order to force them to join in this ant-Islamic and ant-Somali war of destruction.

They have clearly resorted to such desperate measures after suffering defeat in the hands of the Somali Armed forces ( Xooga Dalka ) and allies, over the past few weeks and months, and on many fronts throughout the country. END