Al-Shabaab in full retreat on all fronts, North and South

News and Press Release
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The Al-Shabab terrorists are pulling out from positions they were holding ahead of the Somali National Armies’ advance against them. There are widespread reports from residents in all those areas, reaching the national media and confirming the flight of all Al-shabab top leadership hurriedly moving out in long.

Convoys disguised as ordinary private transport; and leaving behind few youngsters to face the might of the Somali Army, while they are retreating to safe havens.

In Buuloburde, south of the recently conquered city of Baladwyne, in Hiran region long convoys of four-wheel jeeps and logistics were seen heading towards Jowhar (90Km north of Mogadishu) by residents there; according to reports reaching the National News Agency (SONNA) and Radio Mogadishu.

Similarly in Hudur, the capital of Bakool, were according to the Somali Armies’ High Command, at Headquarter of the Somali Army in Mogaidshu; an imminent advance by the Army is expected at any time, in the other a large number of the Al- shabab forces have already moved out the city leaving behind a skeleton rear guard of young boys to face the might of the Somali Army.