ACAPS Briefing Note: Somalia - Floods (9 May 2018)

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Since the publication of ACAPS Somalia Floods Briefing Note on 3 May 18, significant rainfall has continued in southern and central Somalia (SWALIM, 04/05/2018). The Juba and Shabelle rivers have burst their banks in several locations, leading to rising flood waters in riverine areas. New incidents of flash flooding have also been reported, notably in Muldug region (OCHA 02/05/2018; OCHA 08/05/2018).

In total over 700,000 people have been affected by flooding, including over 228,000 people who have been displaced since mid April (OCHA 08/05/2018).

The number of additional people affected since 3 May is unclear however new figures have been reported in some areas. Beledweyne district (Hiraan region) continues to be particularly impacted with the number of people reported as affected rising from 180,000 on 3 May, to 269,000 on 8 May (OCHA/08/05/2018; UNITAR/UNOSAT 04/05/2018; OCHA 02/05/2018).

In the coming days heavy rainfall is expected to continue across central and southern Somalia and in the neighbouring Ethiopian highlands. The Juba and Shabelle rivers will rise and trigger further flooding. This will result in additional humanitarian needs, meanwhile access will likely remain limited due to extensive road damage (SWALIM 04/05/2018; Islamic Relief 08/05/2018).