2019 Gu (March to June) Rainfall Performance and Impacts - Issued 19 July 2019

Situation Report
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The Overall 2019 Gu season rainfall performance was normal to below normal in terms of amount but highly errattic and poorly distributed. The rains started a month late in most areas leading to a prolonged dry period in some areas and moderate drought conditions in others especially during March and April. The last half of May saw increased rainfall activity, including heavy storms that lasted a few hours and distributed within a period of less than ten days during the whole season. Some places received more than 200mm of rainfall especially in the southern regions and a few pockets of Somaliland which is normal for this season. Bari region and the east parts of Sool and Sanag regions in the north recorded the least amounts of rainfall of 30 to 75 mm. Comparing the 2019 Gu rainfall amounts to the long term average, most areas recorded amounts within the normal range. However, some areas recorded below normal amounts (Bari, east of Sool and Sanaag, pockets of central regions and some areas in Middle and Lower Shabelle.